Website T Corremans

Website T Corremans

(Freelance Project)

A logo & corporate design done for a friend. In general, Thomas wanted a clean and simpel website with the emphasis on his portfolio & coding work.

For the logo he wanted something that incorporated his knowledge of C++ coding. Luckily his initials work very well for such a purpose and i was able to tie them together in this clean, to the point logo.

The website itself is build up out of “stacked” blocks, separated by lines, to keep the clean feel to it. We picked a simple color-schem with one bold color and neutrals for the rest. The orange color was chosen as it is used often by programmers for visibility, related to their coding.
Here you can find a pdf of my original website design: pdf

If you are interested in Thomas’s work or would like to contact him, you can find him at